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A to Z Family Services1st E 100 NMaladID83252208-766-2389
Albert's Service 17 S. Main StMaladID83252208-766-4502
Alert Thermal Imaging57 Bannock StMaladID83252208-840-0717
Alice's Beauty Shop74 N. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-4195
Allen Drug4 N. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-2241
Annie's CottageBannock & Bush AveMaladID83252208-251-9309
Aspen Air Design525 Bannock StMaladID83252801-473-7943
ATC Communications99 N. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-2882
Burger King/HB Boys235 E. 50 S.MaladID83252208-766-5140
Chat & Chew11 S. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-5601
CWC Cabinets and Doors297 W 700 NMaladID83252208-406-6692
CWC Video93 W. 100 N.MaladID83252208-766-2312
D&T Electric147 E 50 SMaladID83252208-339-1269
Daisy Hollow Floral and Just Imagine Furniture75 N. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-4300
Darwin Dayton Construction5325 E Hwy 36MaladID83252208-766-5450
Deep Creek Custom Cutting, LLC30 W 90 SMaladID83252208-766-3133
Deschamp Wrenching1910 W. 1500 N.MaladID83252208-766-4229
Dr. Ed Thorpe/Malad Valley Dental185 S. 300 E.MaladID83252208-766-2204
Dude Ranch65 N. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-4327
ET Kustom Sales65 Bannock St.MaladID83252208-766-4515
Evans Co-Op25 N. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-2284
EZ Car Wash305 E. 50 S.MaladID83252208-760-9349
Farmers Insurance Group60 Bannock StMaladID83252208-766-2959
Flinder’s Realty and Exchange,Inc.215 E. 50 S., Ste.4MaladID83252208-766-7653
FOURCASI2390 W 2000 NMaladID83252208-317-1827
Griffith’s OK Tire96 W. 100 N.MaladID83252208-766-2950
HBC Storage and Construction1503 N. 500 W.MaladID83252208-766-4804
Hess Lumber45 W 100 NMaladID83252208-766-4733
Hess Napa Auto Parts100 Hess Dr.Malad CityIdaho83252208-766-7278
Hess Pumice Products, Inc.100 Hess Dr.MaladID83252208-766-4777
Idaho Enterprise100 E. 90 S.MaladID83252208-766-4773
Idaho Milling and Grain430 W. 445 N.MaladID83252208-766-2871
Ihler Sales and Distribution3930 E. 5500 N.MaladID83252208-851-0466
Ireland Bank33 Bannock StMaladID83252208-766-2211
IRG 148 E. 50 S.MaladID83252208-766-5000
J Peak Propane Inc.80 reynolds St.MaladID83252208-479-6412
Kanine Korner280 W. 600 N.MaladID83252208-406-4204
KJs Superstore/Kwik Stop226 E. 50 S.MaladID83252208-766-4950
Labyrinth Assessment & Behav.Sc.20 N Main St. #2Malad CityIdaho83252208-317-6300
Last Mile Wireless255 N 2100WMalad CityIdaho83252208-557-9780
LeGrande Aqua Plunge77 N. MainMaladID83252208-766-4395
M.L. Thomas Catering53 N. 100 W.MaladID83252208-709-9407
Malad Bowl64 N. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-4433
Malad Drive-In12 W. 100 N.MaladID83252208-766-4316
Malad Heating and Cooling690 N. 300 E.MaladID83252208-766-4002
Malad Valley Community/Senior Center26 N MainMaladID83252208-766-2250
Malad Valley Veterinary ClinicWass Ave. 100 WMaladID83252208-766-2961
MDS Garden Center1587 S 5800 WMaladID83252208-766-0909
Millstream Meats709 N. 400 W.Maladid83252208-766-4637
Most Wanted60 N. Main St.MaladID83252208-254-0105
Motor Mart117 N. 100 W.MaladID83252208-766-2274
Mountain West Well Drilling    208-776-5322
Northern Title Co.20 N. Main St. 8MaladID83252208-766-7700
Oneida School District #35125 E. 50 S. Ste#AMaladID83252208-766-4701
Outback Digital Designs10190 S Hwy 191MaladID83252801-710-5929
Outlaw Vapor215 E. 50 S., Ste#3MaladID83252208-766-4488
Pat's Beauty Nook & Varsel's Barber Shop35 N. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-2944
Pizza Stop99 N. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-2111
Red Rooster Inn Bed & Breakfast525 Bannock St.MaladID83252208-766-3281
Rough Stock Band185 S. Old Hwy 191MaladID83252208-766-4257
SEICAA30 N 100 WMaladID83252208-766-2737
Semrad Service & Repair276 Samaria Ln.MaladID83252208-766-3515
Singing Wolf Art Studios137 E 50 SMaladID83252208-766-3121
South Enterprises114 E. 90 S.MaladID83252208-766-0917
Spero's House of BBQ 137 E 50 SMaladID83252208-766-5575
Steve's Shack538 N 300 WMaladID83252208-766-3625
Studio 20 Hair Design20 N Main, Ste#9MaladID83252208-766-2021
Subway215 E. 50 S., Ste. 1MaladID83252208-766-7827
The Affordable Shop, LLC105 Bannock St.MaladID83252208-766-5015
The Gym41 N MainMaladID83252208-766-4953
The Korn Krib Kettle Corn, LLC1715 S. 4600 W.MaladID83252208-226-4855
Thomas Electric45 N. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-2665
Thomas Market170 S. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-4030
Thomas Painting and Construction53 N. 100 W.MaladID83252208-709-9407
Tripp Upholstery475 N. Main St.MaladID83252208-541-8746
Up the Creek17 S. Main St.MaladID83252208-766-4502